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Updated: 3/24/2012

Put your film music and band tracks into bigger libraries where film music supervisors can select your music by category and genre as needed for film projects as well as product placement among radio, television and other sorts of medium. Artists looking for publishing, writing and production deals will benefit from advance and royalty splits through the dOCD, aka Online Composers Directory. Our focus is to put your music in the hands of some of music industry's most well respected music executives, advertising agencies and supervisors by featuring your music in our music library. Often, advertising agencies and independent marketing consultants contact us directly, searching for a song or instrumental that has a certain feel to it. We make our best effort to deliver instrumentals and songs to the licensees requesting a music track that meets the criteria for a given project. Over the last four years, we have chosen music from our own library a.k.a. The Digital Online Composers' Directory as a means to match their project with an appropriate song to submit to the potential licensee. All tracks are now searchable through the dOCD catalog by genre and category. The purpose for each license request is usually to place music in television advertisements and small hollywood productions. It is Digital OCD's responsibility to send the project manager quality tracks which are certain to meet the criteria for each project, respectively. Traditional buyout fees have been between five thousand and one-hundred fifty thousand dollars. Perpetual master sync licenses / buyouts on co-written collaborative works/instrumental productions yield around 50%) There is no risk to the artist for submitting the track and we do not negotiation a license without the controlling artists' authorization. Our service does not charge an upfront fee. All deals are negotiable and there are many ways to do this.

My objective is to extend our music library. It's that simple. You don't pay for bandwidth or membership fees.. You send us your tracks. Sound too good to be true? Well, I'd be more than happy to accept a donation if you aren't interested in keeping your share of the deal. I'm not greedy, so let's do our best to work together.

Submissions-- All tracks mailed to my Po Box are received by me. I submit each track to our review team. If it is determined that your song/instrumental is a quality composition, we may consider it to be permanantly placed into the Online Composers Directory. Once your song is placed in the approval queue, we will contact you directly and discuss your needs to determine further placement of your music. If we do not contact you, it's because of two reasons. 1. You didn't leave your contact information OR 2. We simply don't have a need for it. We are looking for certain genres and categories at the moment but we will not rule anything out, so please send us your work! You have nothing to lose. I guarantee that we will listen to each and every instrumental track and song that comes through, so send us your very best.

Mail to:

Attn. Submissions
Digital OCD LLC
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Please include your name, return mailing address along with your contact information. Please submit a brief bio or a little something about yourself.

1. Classical
2. Contemporary Pop
3. Delta Blues
4. American Folk Music
5. Rhythm 'n Blues
6. UK Hip-Hop
7. Jazz (*** All types)
8. Big Beat Electronica
9. Experimental Film Music

"To explore the nearly limitless bounds of composers and musical performers. To provide a music library of most dramatic and creative imagination that will favor those in need. To provide opportunity to those who are truly amazing at what they do." -Dr. Digital de la dOCD


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